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8 Ways To Appear A Decade Younger
Pamper The Bridal Party

Pamper The Bridal Party

Vamp Salon & Span

Weddings are an exciting and joyful milestone event. However, they can also be stressful, involving months of planning hundreds of details, along with the typical pre-wedding jitters. As the celebrated honorees of this once-in-a-lifetime event, both the bride and groom will want to look and feel their best.

Vamp Salon offers a wide range of services for the entire wedding party. Madison Leago, owner, knows how important the minute details are; from facials to up-dos to manicures, she and her staff of technicians create customized packages befitting the occasion.

You won’t have to sit around waiting for your services for a long time. Since Vamp is a full service spa, procedures can be provided back-to-back or possibly simultaneously depending on what is being performed. Madison creates a wedding ambiance for the bride, and can even offer finger foods to round out your experience.

Vamp’s owner and her staff are dedicated to customer service; their goals are ensuring everyone has a satisfying experience and making the bride-to-be even happier. Madison declares, “It’s all about customer service, we cater to each person who walks through our doors. Your best treatment is our goal!”

Vamp Salon and Spa offers a full bridal experience for the bride and wedding party with the latest in techniques and creativity. For more information, visit or call 253.579.1081.

8 Ways To Appear A Decade Younger

How to reverse the aging process without hassle, pain, and sticker shock? To find out, we tapped experts across the South Sound to pin down the best ways to look younger. We sought out the most promising, and dipped into some of the scientific research, we spoke to clients who’ve had both good and bad experiences and played the guinea pig when necessary. The result is a list of eight easy, sustainable ways to reclaim vitality—something that is rightfully yours.

1. Make Yourself an Appointment For Lash Extensions
Disney knows well the power that mile-long lashes have to give the impression of femininity and youth. Now you will too. Lashes and Locks, 19902 South Prairie Rd E, Bonney Lake, 253.862.2100,

2. Get Monthly Massages
Relaxing rubdowns increase circulation which delivers nutrients and oxygen to collagen fibers, aiding in the preservation of elasticity. They detoxify the body, banish painful knots, help improve posture, and—most importantly—de-stress and set clear your head. Club Biella Spa & Salon, 1515 Commerce St, Tacoma, 253.682.2005,

3. Steer Clear of Simple Carbs
For every gram of sugar we consume, our bodies retain three grams of water. So we don’t just feel bloated after a big bowl of ice cream, our skin actually is bloated.

4. Vibrant Wardrobe
An alluring flirty dress and 15 Hour sexy heels provide vitality and style from morning ‘til night. Schedule a personal shopping consultation. Belleza Ropa, 101 Capitol Way N, Olympia, 360.352.ROPA(7672),

5. Good Posture
It turns out mom really did know best— at least when it came to slouching. Improving posture not only looks better aesthetically, but if your posture is better, you’ll live longer and have lower chances of chronic diseases, increasing your life expectancy.

6. Smooth Out with a Keratin Treatment
Hair gets dryer and frizzier as we age; revert back to your youthful days of glossy locks by adding keratin, the protein naturally found in hair. Vamp Salon and Spa, 1117 Broadway Plaza, Tacoma, 253.579.1081,

7. Strength Training
Even the less-ripped among us are probably aware of the research findings: Lean muscle mass increases metabolism, boosts stamina, builds strength, and supports longevity. 5th Avenue Fitness & Progressive Body Systems at 505 Plum St SE in Downtown Olympia, 360.352.2533,

8. Teeth Whitening
If a dingy set of noshers doesn’t do you any favors in the first impressions department, it does even less in the youthfulimpressions department; people associate darker teeth with older age. For intense brightening: take home kits and in-office ZOOM whitening. Rainier Dental, Bonney Lake, Sumner and Tacoma offices, 253.826.8800,

Summer Gardening Tips

Gardening Expert Melinda Myers

Summer has arrived and that means lots of fun activities and gardening opportunities to squeeze into this short season. Save time while creating beautiful results in your garden with these time saving techniques from gardening expert, author and TV host Melinda Myers.

Apply a one to two inch layer of organic mulch on the soil surrounding your plants to conserve moisture, reduce weeds, and improve the soil. You’ll spend less time and energy weeding, watering, and digging in the garden.

When watering plants, do so thoroughly and less frequently to encourage deeply rooted, more drought-tolerant and pest-resistant plants. Water early in the day to reduce water lost to evaporation. Also consider using drip irrigation to deliver water right to the plant roots where it is needed.

Check container gardens daily and water thoroughly as needed. Mulch these to help reduce watering needs. And be careful when fertilizing these and your annual flower and vegetable gardens. Use a low nitrogen slow release fertilizer, like Milorganite, if the plants appear to need a nutrient boost. The slow steady release of nutrients encourages growth without sacrificing flowers and fruit or burning drought-stressed plants.

Mow, fertilize, and improve the soil with one pass of your mower. Simply leave the clippings on the lawn. The short clippings quickly break down adding nutrients, moisture, and organic matter to the soil.

Mow the grass high so it can shade out nearby weeds and produce plenty of energy to keep the grass healthy. Taller lawns form deeper roots and are better able to tolerate hot dry weather. Minimize the stress by removing no more than a third of the total grass height each time you mow. You’ll spend less time and money on weed control and pest management.


105-109 Legion Ave SW, Olympia

Relatively new on the scene in downtown Olympia is Adesso, which opened in April. Renata Hanson, partnering with successful chef, Rudy Viggiano, create a unique food experience for everyone through their breakfast, lunch and catering services. “Your pleasure is our passion,” Hanson remarked.

To the French poet Léon-Paul Fargue, eating an oyster is “like kissing the sea on the lips.” Adesso’s oyster appetizer is rich in complex flavors: the sweet saltiness of the shellfish is married with sliced mushrooms and prepared with a blend of cream, tarragon, and sweet, nutty sherry. Topped with bread crumbs and parmesan and broiled, this substantial starter accompanied by a salad is a meal in itself. Other appetizers include bruschetta, fried calamari, and roasted artichoke-spinach dip.

The menu offers a variety of entrees, from unconventional pizzas and calzones to pasta dishes and al forno (Italian for “baked dishes” or “from the oven”). With an emphasis on southern Mediterranean fare, several Greek and Spanish dishes are also available, including gyros and moussaka. On the fresh sheet were paella, polenta Bolognese, and seafood linguine served in red sauce. Several seafood courses included cioppino, scallops Italian and snapper with lemon capers;
carne entices with braised lamb shank and pork tenderloin roulade. All meat and seafood entrees are served with seasonal vegetables and risotto, polenta, or garlic mashed potatoes.

Risotto with crab and shrimp is abundant with lump Dungeness crab and firm black tiger prawns. Finished with pecorino Romano cheese, the grain is creamy and full-bodied. Accompanying the main course is a side of julienne red pepper and zucchini al dente served on a bed of wilted spinach.

Tiramisu is espresso-soaked sponge cake, layered with creamy mascarpone and topped with whipped cream. Other dessert options are chocolate mousse and New York style cheesecake with raspberry sauce.

Adesso features breakfast and lunch. Catering is available; whether in their beautiful dining room or at your own special location, guests will be pampered with excellent service and exceptional food. Give this new and upbeat venue a try!

Janae Colombini

Musician Lance Buller Jazzes Up Our Region

On Friday nights at Maxwell’s Restaurant in Tacoma, a crowd gathers to enjoy Lance Buller’s stellar vocal ability and mastery of trumpet. Even those who never thought of themselves as jazz fans fall in love with America’s indigenous music when they hear the melodic style he describes as “old school and listener friendly,” delivered with virtuosity, emotion, and inclusiveness.

This talented artist’s musical roots dwell in the genre’s honored past. He started playing the trumpet at age 13. Five years later, as he drove the Pacific Coast Highway below Santa Monica, he discovered the old Cliff House nightclub featuring “Live Jazz.” The owner let eighteen-year-old Buller sit in with the house band. He continued with them for two years, learning from veteran musicians and gaining experience.

“I was fortunate, growing up in L.A., in that a lot of the famous jazz guys and big band players retired, or semi-retired, there,” he said. “You could study with them, and hear the best.”

Buller flourished in top rock, jazz, and Latin bands in Los Angeles. His talents soon propelled him into major Las Vegas showrooms. As a member of the Beach Boys for years, he recorded five albums and toured extensively in the U.S. and abroad. He performed with Bob Marley and Little Anthony and recorded with Hollywood Bowl’s production band, Jan and Dean, Pearl Django, Stephanie Porter, and others.

The gifted musician’s playing complements numerous TV documentaries, videos, films, festivals, guest soloist spots, cruises, concerts, nightclubs, restaurants, private events, and 25 albums. He is a continuing presence on KPLU 88.5, ranked No. 1 in the world for streaming jazz. While writing and producing shows, he still teaches privately and makes time to volunteer with youth.

Buller describes living his bliss: “There is nothing like being up there with a hot band behind you and a great crowd to entertain!” For more information, visit

A Place For Poetry

Tacoma’s Poet Laureate Program

Influential American poet, Walt Whitman, could have been complimenting Tacoma when he wrote, “To have great poets there must be great audiences too.”

It is here the solitary, personal art of writing poems has grown to become an entire city’s celebration of all things poetry by putting a bona fide Tacoma Poet Laureate program in place.

What began as an Urban Grace Church’s brainchild to appoint a “spokes-poet” to better promote poetry in the local community in 2008 has evolved into a City-awarded role for a savvy Tacoma wordsmith. In an effort to keep expanding the program by seizing the opportunity to share the Poet Laureate’s talents and affecting a positive impact on the community, the Tacoma Arts Commission has teamed up with Urban Grace—now deemed the respected founding partner of the Poet Laureate program.

Tacoma’s former Poet Laureates are writer and poet, Tammy Robacker (2010-2011): poet and professor, William Kupinse (2008-2009): and spoken word artist, Antonio Edwards, Jr. (2009-2010).

The Tacoma Arts Commission selected Josie Emmons Turner as the 2011-2013 Poet Laureate for the City of Tacoma.

Over the next two years, Emmons Turner will provide free poetry workshops, public readings, participate in Art at Work: Tacoma Arts month, held each November the honored poet will help produce the 2013 Tacoma Poet Laureate ceremony to announce the next Poet Laureate.

Information about the Tacoma Poet Laureate program is available at

Cutting Edge – Architectural Mosaic Glass

Conversation with glass artist, Jennifer Kuhns

What event or epiphany in your life made you decide to become a Glass Mosiac Artist?

I have always been an artist, working in charcoal, pastels, acrylic, linocut, collage, clay and even wire jewelry. But, at age 30, I was asked to use some scrap tiles for a mosaic, and the process of smashing tiles and piecing them back into a design was so satisfying, I was hooked.

What common threads of vision in color, style or technique do you share with other artists defined as Northwest in style?

I focus on the incredible relationship we humans have with nature, and try to personify that symbiosis in my images. I think many Northwest artists are driven by the same motivations, and are also inspired by the amazing landscape around us. We are surrounded by ocean, mountains, rainforests, salmon runs, birds, honeybees, etc, and these are the things that we need to celebrate in order to stay proactive and functional.

When did you decide to start partnering with business clients to bring your art to a more public and building-oriented audience?

Mosaic has been used architecturally for thousands of years, and it is a perfect medium for buildings and public spaces. I have been most inspired by the work of artists who used mosaic as a surface application on a grand scale. Suddenly, every gray concrete wall looked unfinished to me. I love to visit places like Prague and Istanbul, where there is ornamentation everywhere, and it’s a feast for the senses. After a few years of showing mosaic art at Olympia’s ArtsWalk festivals, I began to get calls from restaurant and home owners asking if I could do their projects, and I was excited to say yes!

Name your favorite mosaic work you have done in the area?

Swing Wine Bar is still my favorite because the atmosphere was fun and colorful, yet dignified and upscale. I created six mosaic panels on clear glass (I took apart some old windows) which were inset into an overhang around the bar that doubles as storage on the inside. Two more panels were set into a countertop, and I created a large mosaic sign for outside, and all of it is lit from behind, so it glows. It is the first thing people notice when they walk in, and I love how well the mosaic is integrated with the overall design of the space.

What are some future mosaic goals you would like to accomplish?

A goal of working with organizations and neighborhoods to create mosaic murals on blighted buildings and retaining walls. Mosaic can be very beautiful, therapeutic and empowering; individuals don’t need to be able to draw to contribute, and the result is a permanent piece of artwork that belongs to everyone and enhances the neighborhood.

Jennifer Kuhns Mosaic, 360.482.8024, online portfolio

Community Events: Capital Food & Wine

South Sounders convened for the 22nd Annual Capital Food and Wine Festival held at the Norman Worthington Conference Center at Saint Martin’s University in Lacey. Guests sampled cuisine, wine and micro brews from 60 local vendors. Music played throughout the event to accompany the festivities. Proceeds from the event provide support for the Saint Martin’s Alumni Association.

Community Events: Star Chefs

Star Chefs N’awlins was a sold out event with 350 guests attending the dinner festivities. The evening began with a silent auction and cocktails in the Pantages Lobby, with starters from the area’s best culinary designers including: Duke’s Chowder House, The Inn at Port Ludlow, Pacific Grill and Jonz Catering. Of course the entertainment was amazing with a spectacular burlesque trapeze number to “Let’s Misbehave” and a Vaudeville inspired act from Lily Verline. This fundraiser broke all records, raising $250,000 in support of Broadway Center’s groundbreaking arts education programs which serve 35,000 students and teachers annually.