Changing Lives One Smile at a Time

Braces are a rite of passage that preteens and adolescents have endured for decades. Many of us have vivid memories of painful extractions, wires poking our inner cheeks and headgear worn in unflattering photos. Those traumas are a thing of the past for patients at Molen Orthodontics. The family business has created confident smiles in the South Sound for nearly 50 years.

“The way we do orthodontics is different,” says Aaron Molen, DDS. “We focus on the smile, in addition to the face and lips, to design more natural and curved smile arcs. Our patients receive the most beautiful and aesthetic smiles possible.”

Parents are encouraged to bring in their child at an early age for  an initial evaluation. “We like to see kids right after their seventh birthday. Few need treatment at this age, but it allows us to capture baseline records and monitor their growth to make more informed treatment decisions,” notes Dr. Aaron, as he’s known in the office, to avoid confusion between him and his brother Dr. Rick Molen or their father, Dr. Bruce Molen, who has been a pioneer in adopting innovative treatments, such as orthodontic expansion.

“Between the ages of eight and ten, we have a window of opportunity, before the suture in the roof of the mouth fuses closed, to gently work with nature to make the jaws wider,” explains Dr. Aaron. “This allows teeth to come in less crowded and also, research has shown, opens the airway, improving a child’s ability to breathe.” Better breathing, he says, results in better sleep at night and more alertness during the day.

Beyond the clinical side of treatment, the Molen Orthodontics team keeps patients motivated by making office visits fun. A rewards program lets patients earn prizes. Completed treatment plans are celebrated with cheers and red-carpet walks.“Rick and I grew up here and now we’re raising our own kids here. We’re passionate about caring for patients in this community,” says Dr. Aaron. “Our mission is to change lives one smile at a time.”

Molen Orthodontics
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