Service and Convenience at the Heart of Light Dental Studios

We can all agree on the qualities for the ideal dental provider: round-the-clock service, entire-family bookings, empathetic service and affordable care. It’s nearly impossible to find a full combination of such attributes. But then there’s Light Dental Studios.

The dentist-owned company—with 22 locations in the Puget Sound—has customer service at the core of its mission.

“We try to treat people the way we would want to be treated,” says owner and CEO Dr. Steven Broughton, who bought his first office from a former dentist in 1997. “People say our practice feels like we’re all neighbors, like they’re just going down the street for friendly dental care.”

With hours from 7am to 7pm including Saturdays, doctors available 24/7, and entire-family, same-day care, Light Dental Studios has solutions patients need.

“We’re trying to make dentistry effortless by making it about our patients, not the dentists,” says Broughton. “Our schedule accommodates their schedule, not the other way around. Our doctors are always available, and almost all procedures are done in-house.”

Besides standard dental checkups, treatments and other services, Light Dental Studios offers on-site orthodontics, implants, surgeries and dentures. Children’s dental care is also offered. In fact, the offices frequently schedule care for entire families side-by-side on the same day to save time.

Light Dental Studios also gives back to the community at the annual South Sound Free Dental Day in May. That’s when the staff donates its time and skills to give away more than $150,000 worth of dental work—one filling or extraction—on a first come, first-served basis.

“We want patients to feel comfortable,” Broughton says. “Our first goal is to provide quality treatment at an affordable price.”

Broughton notes that Light Dental Studios will continue to add offices over the upcoming years in growing neighborhoods. Visit their website for updates or you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Light Dental Studios