Sound Family Medicine Celebrates 35 years in Practice

This August, Sound Family Medicine will mark 35 years serving the South Sound community. After more than three decades, the organization has grown and changed, but stays true to its heart. “We have a mission to have a relationship with our patients, care for them and care for their entire family,” says CEO Therese Pasquier.

Originally called South Hill Family Medicine, the practice was founded in 1984 by Rebecca Sullivan and Mike Young. In the years since, the organization has grown to include three other locations and three walk-in clinics across Puyallup, South Hill and Bonney Lake.

Dr. Marc Aversa, current medical director of Sound Family Medicine, notes that shortly after he joined the practice 20 years ago, the partners looked at the growth in the community. They realized they needed to add providers and expand.

“As we’ve grown, we’ve heard from our patients that they want us to keep the small-clinic feel,” Aversa says. Pasquier, who came to the organization early this year, says she was drawn to the practice’s mission statement and desire to keep health care local.

Being an independent physician-owned practice (as opposed to hospital-owned) is noteworthy. But Pasquier and Aversa say what truly makes Sound Family Medicine different is its providers.

“We’ve always attracted doctors who are interested in the entirety of family medicine, from delivering babies, care for children, office surgeries, sports medicine and the more complex problems of age, ”Aversa says.

“When they talk about Sound Family, they say, ‘I love my doctor, ’‘I love my care team,’” notes Pasquier. “We’ve been able to humanize the health care piece. That’s really what differentiates us from others.” ASHLEY MOWREADER

Sound Family Medicine