Go-to Getaways in Washington

Do you need a break from your regular routine’s stress, but don’t want crowds or travel far? Find secluded bliss at four extraordinary Washington retreats. 

Cave B Resort- Quincy, WA

Stroll through lush vineyards, delight in a glass of Caveman Red at the tasting room and admire the incredible view of the Gorge from the central balcony. Cave B Resort is an elegant experience in the middle of beautiful farm country right next door to the famous Gorge Amphitheater. Lodge in prepared cavern rooms, lavish yurts, condos or cliff cottages that each overlook the breathtaking Columbia River. The resort is adorned in earthy tones, marble, rock slab, ornate iron furnishings and rustic paint detailing to reflect the area’s beauty and ancient history. The Inn offers a full delivery service of cuisine and drinks from their Tendrils restaurant to lesson interactions. *The spa and pool are closed until it is safe to reopen them.

Guemes Island Resort- Guemes Island,WA

Paradise awaits amongst the San Juan islands at Guemes Island Resort. Book a stay at one of the personal beach homes or cabins. Wake up to views of Mt. Baker, take a peaceful boat, kayak or paddleboard ride out on the water, reserve some alone time in the Dutch hot tub and sauna, or simply relax with a book and cup of coffee in the modern oceanside architecture and decor. *Massage therapy and recreation room are closed until it is safe to reopen them.

Cameo Heights Mansion- Touchet, WA

A truly unique bed and breakfast experience and an oasis sitting right on the Walla Walla River, the mansion contains several luxurious suites that each hold a different cultural theme. The themes come down to coloring, room details, complimentary food, and even floor placement. Consider the Greek suite, the ancient influence apparent in the wall art and furniture detailing, even in the Corinthian column bedposts. Test the Dubai room where you indulge in modernized Ottoman luxury- gold accents to a white-dressed room. Observe the Arabian lamps and bottle decoration. Feel romantic in the French suite that is complete with a luxurious standing bathtub and French doors that open to a private balcony- Parisian style. As only 14 guests total can stay at the BNB at a time, you will have all the safe distance you need. 

Little Owl Cabin- Packwood, WA

For some, an ideal getaway is rural and mountainous. The Little Owl A-frame cabin options are perfect for the ultimate private experience. The cabins are settled cozily in the woods and are magically quaint but still full of updated amenities for the most comfortable stay possible. Woodburning stoves, indoor bathrooms, hot tubs, books, TV (in some), fun furniture and decor. The best part is that Mt. Rainier National park is right next door if you need an adventure day.