Crockett’s—Good Food for Good People

When you use the highest-quality, locally-sourced ingredients, people tend to notice. Like one diner from Auburn wrote recently in her restaurant review of Crockett’s Public House, located in Puyallup:

Crockett’s uses rice oil for their deep-fried items and oh my goodness they are so good! My favorite is the deep-fried fish and calamari. The calamari dipping sauce is crave worthy and I can’t help but dip everything in it. I haven’t had anything on the menu that didn’t taste absolutely fantastic.

With over 35 years in the restaurant business, the owner of Crockett’s Public House and three other South Sound restaurants, Shaun Brobak, was recently asked what’s the most compelling thing he’s learned in the restaurant industry.

Brobak’s answer came to him quickly, “People’s lives have gotten busier and dining out isn’t something they do as a special occasion. It is an everyday part of their lives.”

Hence the importance of takeout during the recent lockdowns to both Brobak and his clientele who craved the special recipe menu items offered by his restaurant group (which also includes Trackside Pizza and .

“During the pandemic, it was difficult to do a lot of adjustments or changes to the menu that we typically do, so for takeout we focused on what we’ve always done well,” said Brobak, adding, “We hope to begin some new recipe and menu development as we move along.”

This award-winning restaurant, which has been featured on national food channels, has some menu items that likely will never change. For example, their much-loved Eggs Benedict has always been featured on their incredibly popular weekend-only breakfast menu.

Other intensely popular items include their top-selling fried zucchini, sloppy Joes or grilled artichokes featured by Guy Fieri in 2011 on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Maybe your favorite is their authentic green chili burger or their rich and delicious lobster mac & cheese.

Crockett’s Public House