batdorf & bronson coffee roasters celebrates 30 years

coffee-roastersAn anniversary is a time for celebration and Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters is celebrating three decades of delivering exceptional coffee and customer service. Based in Olympia (and with a couple of locations in and around Atlanta, Georgia), the coffee company has strived for excellence not only in offering a quality product but in serving its customers as well.

Says Larry T. Challain, president of Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters: “Coffee is our passion and our livelihood.”

Joshua Russert, the company’s Northwest outreach and customer support coordinator, explains further: “This is what we consider doing business the right way: how we work with partners and source to supply chains. We’re competing for great coffee—roasting coffee the way it needs to be roasted to honor it and the people. What comes after that is the relationship over the counter and behind the counter.

“Quality is something the company is adamant about not compromising, says Russert, and it’s just as involved with the customer as it is with its employees, ensuring satisfaction and a positive experience.”

What’s changed [over the decades is] we have more and more people appreciating coffee,” says Russert, describing how this influences an opportunity to grow as a company and as a people. “In general, the coffee industry has just grown. [There are] more great customers for us to enter into a relationship with.”

The company’s intentional care toward the customer—building a relationship with the people to whom it’s serving coffee—has ensured a type of quality that’s kept the customer coming back for 30 years. “We’re a hundred-year company,” Russert says, “and we’re only 30 years into that.”


Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters
200 Market St NE, Olympia