Truly a Life, Handmade

One of the exciting new retail stores at the Public Market at Point Ruston is Jack + Adeline Home. Owners Paul and Leanne Franetovich are creating custom wood furnishings, rustic home decor and personalized gifts from wood salvaged around the Pacific Northwest. Their products and furnishings are all handmade and vary from elaborate dinner tables and matching benches to gift giving items like candle holders and cutting boards.

Born from a similar background of building a community through family connections made at the dinner table, Paul and Leanne named their business after their grandparents. When Leanne and Paul married in 2015, his skills in woodworking emerged. Paul realized he could make the tables needed for their wedding less expensively than he could rent them. He made six 8-foot by 3-foot tables, one of which still serves as their dining room table to this day. His talent in this area flourished and he began making custom order pieces as well as volume items that he and Leanne began selling at the Tacoma Farmers Market. Then on July 10, they opened their first brick and mortar store at the Market.

Working nights and weekends to ensure there is enough inventory at the retail location, Paul still works at his day job. Leanne loves to bake and is working on perfecting her Wild Yeast Sourdough bread recipe and the next part of their ten-year plan, opening Jack + Adeline Hearth. Hearth will be a bakery that will fold into their home décor business.

Paul and Leanne hope that their store and handmade goods democratize luxury goods. By placing their items at approachable pricing, they increase access to luxury goods to more people. The couple plans to do the same in the pricing of the food they will offer in the future at Jack + Adeline Hearth.

Visit their store at the Point Ruston Public Market (5101 Yacht Club Road in Ruston, WA) to see the latest product offerings in rustic home décor and furnishings.

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