Enrolling in School in Pierce County

Choosing the best academic environment for your child can seem daunting when you move to a new area. There are numerous traditional options to consider—your neighborhood public school, a charter school, or private school—in addition to alternative options, like online school or homeschool.

Pierce County is home to 16 public school districts and several charter, private and faith-based school systems. Most of these offer online enrollment for new students on their district or school websites. In general, you’ll need the following information to complete an enrollment form:

  • Name of the school you want to enroll your child
  • Emergency contact information
  • Healthcare provider(s) contact information
  • Previous school address and phone number, if applicable

To complete your child’s enrollment, most schools will also ask parents to provide:

  • Proof of immunization signed by a healthcare professional
  • Proof of residence
  • Parents’ photo identification
  • Proof of age and legal name for the student
  • Previous report cards or transcripts, if applicable

Pierce County School Finder Resource

To find your Pierce County school district, go online to matterhornago.co.pierce.wa.us/infobyaddress.
Enter your address on the interactive map and then click the Additional Info tab.