LEAP into the Latest Spring Fashion

Emphasize elegance and the newness that this season brings with your custom styling this spring.

Shades of Yellow

Bring beaming brilliance into the new season with different shades of yellow. This happy shade is sure to
highlight the joyfulness of the season.

Bring on the Basics

Similar to most things in life, the first step to a successful outfit is a quality foundation. Choosing neutral basics is an assurance in delivering a classy, subtle look.

Unexpected Color Combinations

Jazz up your outfit this spring by mixing and matching bold colors such as pink with red, orange with blue, and green with yellow.

Silk Scarves

Scarves are a timeless accessory that elevate any outfit. Each season calls for a different style of scarf; add a silk scarf to accessorize your style this season to ensure extra sophistication.

Muted Pastel Hues

Pastels are not just for Easter. Celebrate the youthfulness of spring with the airy light touch of a pale color in your attire.

Beige Mix and Match

Say goodbye to black and bring on the beige. Making this wardrobe shift will influence a central brighter base to any outfit.


Spring Fashion in with Flair

Eager to enjoy the sense of fresh beginnings this spring, we look forward to the promise of spring and the freshening of our attire.

Flourishing Floral Patterns

Change is absolutely inevitable this season as life is in bloom. Dressing in floral patterns this spring will make a statement as you walk into a room.

Wide Leg Pants are Adaptable

Keeping it comfortable yet classy, wide leg bottoms are being revived. Worn in many different materials, this 70’s statement is back and better. Whether this look is utilized in denim, rayon, polyester, and dare we say spandex, admiring the versatility of this look is pivotal as this silhouette transitions easily from casual to the boardroom.

Khaki and Yellow are Aesthetically Kin

Blending with nature this season, khaki and yellow will capture a feeling of
coherence in any outfit. Worn together or apart, these two colors are bringing an organic aura to spring attire.

White Dresses Wear Wonderfully

Going for the white wine instead of the red this spring is worth it. Any desired length of white dresses this season are being admired for their ethereal charm.

Physique Cinch

Easy to achieve with any belt, embracing the form of your body and emphasizing what you’ve got this spring is easy to achieve. Worn with a dress, jacket, or a high-waisted skirt, this take on sinuosity will uplift your pure, feminine body confidence.


Cheers to 30 Years – South Hill Mall Marks a Milestone

In the fall of 1988, the Puyallup area was treated to a new hub for shopping when South Hill Mall opened its doors. No longer was it necessary to make the trek to Tacoma to find department store favorites of the time, like Mervyn’s, Lamonts and Target, along with numerous smaller retailers and popular restaurants. Just a few years later, the second phase of the mall opened. In 2009 the entire mall underwent a multimillion-dollar renovation.

Today some of the names have changed, but South Hill Mall remains a community gathering place with more than 100 retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues and other services. “South Hill Mall is a neighborhood shopping center and we want to make sure we’re serving the community well,” said Joe Bell, director of communications for Cafaro, the mall’s management company.

That philosophy guides which new businesses and services are brought in as tenants. An example, said Bell, is the mall’s newest restaurant, Golden Corral, slated to open in late summer. “We knew that there was demand for a buffet-style restaurant,” he said. “What we’ve seen on social media is unbelievable anticipation and excitement.” Serving the community also guides the mall’s special events, such as fashion shows, celebrity meet-and-greets, and educational programs for families.

Community members can even get their regular exercise at the mall before stores open, which is convenient when the weather is unpredictable. Last summer, Puyal-LOOP, an indoor fitness trail, was launched. By following green leaves marked on the floor, walkers can complete quarter-mile laps around the mall. They can also stop at 10 strength-training exercise stations along the way.

The evolution of South Hill Mall and commemoration of its 30th anniversary will be celebrated in October with two “Cheers to 30 Years” events. These will likely include store promotions, musical performances and highlights of community partnerships over the years. Visit southhillmall.com for more information.


South Hill Mall
3500 South Meridian, Puyallup

fall fashion: texture is all the buzz!

fall-fashionAfter a tremendous marathon of fashion collections and presentations New York Fashion Week has finally come to an end. This upcoming season expect to see a plethora of texture in your local retail stores inspired by designer’s collections showcased this past fashion week. Fabrics such as satin, tweed, velvet, fur, and suede were seen all throughout fashion week touching runways from , Vetements, and Marc Jacobs. This type of material is not only seen in clothing but in shoes and accessories such as chokers, belts, purses, and hats.

Texture has a reputation for being intimidating, especially when figuring out how to incorporate it into your everyday professional wardrobe. The use of these luxe garments are timeless, and are developed with the purpose to be stand-alone products. Texture must be used in moderation, when textiles such as satin and velvet are incorporated into garments they instantly become attention seeking with the purpose to make a statement.

If you’re searching to elevate your style from the office to lunch with your favorite ladies work in a satin blouse. Nothing says versatility and daring than making a statement with trending fabrics along with your average blouse and trousers.

Adding an element of texture to your work wardrobe is cool, creative, and sure to make you feel like the total boss you are. When shopping for winter coats, boots, and pumpkin spice lattes this fall be sure to look out for this massive trend. Remember, if you find yourself staring blankly at your wardrobe looking for versatility, that texture can help bring it back to life. Be up to date with this season’s fashion trends by  adding some textured clothing items to your closet.

Katrina Rembert

DSW Opens a New Store in Puyallup


Do you love shoes as much as we do? As luck would have it, a brand new DSW store stocked with designer and name brand footwear and accessories for men and women has opened At the South Hill Mall in Puyallup. Twenty thousand pairs of men’s and women’s shoes fill the 23,000 square feet space, making DSW the greatest shoe shopping destination in Puyallup, Washington right now. Ladies will be able to shop the latest fall trends including a large assortment of boots and booties, retro style sneakers, comfort styles, and dressy pumps and heels. Guys will be able to get men’s casual and chukka boots, running shoes, dress shoes, and sneakers from their favorite brands.

Plus, the new store will have handbags and lots of accessories including ponchos, wraps, and fashion socks for customers to create their ultimate fall wardrobe.

“We are beyond excited to welcome DSW to the South Hill Mall.  They are the perfect addition not only to the mall but to Puyallup and the surrounding area,” says Patricia Summers

Grab your girls and spend some time shopping in this low pressure environment, where  DSW associates will always be available to assist you in finding more styles, sizes, and colors.


3500 S. Meridian Street

Puyallup, Washington 98373