Airhouse Adventure Park Heads to Auburn!

Where can insurmountable amounts of fun and adventure be found in Western Washington? In Auburn, that’s wAir! Coming very soon to the Fieldhouse in Auburn is the third location of Air Adventure Park—wAir Adventure Begins!

The adventure park already has two locations in the Midwest, Ohio and Colorado, and now has graced Washington State as its third. Each location is different when it comes to which attractions they feature, but all are equally entertaining and physically interactive. The goal of these decked-out indoor parks is to immerse
communities in safe, sanitized, next-level fun.

After signing a waiver, guests can buy a pass that is priced by age and the number of hours they wish to spend at the park. Just a few of the attractions that guests will find at Airhouse Auburn include the jousting Battle Beam or the wildly colorful climbing structures where you try to reach new heights (while wearing a harness!) Fly through the air on the Racing Zip Lines down a 40-foot line and check out the elaborate, skill-required Ninja courses. The classic Main Court lets guests bounce gleefully on over 1,500 square feet of trampolines! Each attraction aims to get your blood pumping and help you gain some air! If you aren’t feeling like indulging in a game of Xtreme Dodgeball, a pass for the featured Arcade is also an option.

Right now, Airhouse Adventure’s main concern is safety. Each visitor must sign a safety waiver before embarking on their journey of fun and the park undergoes a rigorous cleaning schedule to make sure all equipment and areas are sanitized; that way adventurers can enjoy themselves without any worry.

The exact date of Airhouse Auburn’s grand opening this fall is still pending, but the Director of Operations is confident that the arrival of the new Airhouse Adventure Park will bring employment opportunities and strengthen the Auburn community, while offering a whole new entertainment experience.

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