The Great Race Joins with the RPM

RPM Foundation, a member of America’s Automotive Trust, is proud to announce that they have joined forces with the Great Race! RPM will work with the Great Race to administer their X-Cup Grants, Scott Henderson X-Cup Scholarship Awards, and the new X-Cup Team Choice Award.  

The Great Race is a timed, controlled-speed, endurance rally based on precision driving and  navigational skills in classic, antique, and vintage automobiles covering exciting routes like the  historic Route 66. Their student division, known as the X-Cup, is designed for High School,  Technical School, College and qualified Youth Group Teams to compete in this special Division of  the Great Race.  

“X-Cup has provided the youth of America the opportunity to learn first-hand about vintage  vehicles and to travel to every corner of the United States and parts of Canada while involved in  friendly competition,” Great Race Director Jeff Stumb said. “We are proud to join forces with RPM  to make the program even better and to reach new groups of young people giving them the chance  to earn scholarships and to broaden their horizons by traveling to new places in old cars.” 

“The RPM Foundation is honored to be a part of the Great Race,” says RPM Interim Director Nick  Ellis. “The X-Cup Division’s goal of introducing young people to the precision, ingenuity, and  teamwork necessary to compete in this vintage car rally fits in perfectly with RPM’s goal of  identifying and inspiring the next generation of restoration professionals.” 

Funding possibilities and awards for X-Cup participants are: 

X-Cup Grants: Each qualified X-Cup Team will be given a $1000 debit card at the starting  line in San Antonio. This may be used to cover fuel, food and other necessary X-Cup Team  expenses. 

Scott Henderson X-Cup Scholarship Awards: Qualified Team members are eligible for  advanced automotive education scholarships. 

Team Choice Award: NEW for 2021, at the conclusion of Great Race each X-Cup Team  will vote for their choice of one qualified X-Cup Team which best exemplifies the student spirit of X-Cup and qualities of sportsmanship it represents. The winning Team’s Institution  will be awarded a cash grant to help further their automotive programs. 

The 2021 Great Race route begins in San Antonio, TX and follows a 2,000 mile route through  Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, and North Carolina before finishing in Greenville, SC, where the  RPM Foundation will be on hand to announce the X-Cup Division Winners, Scholarship Awards,  and Team Choice award. To find out more about the X-Cup, visit