18th Annual Taste of the Market

A fundraiser centered around local restaurants and chefs is sure to draw a big crowd. The 18th annual Taste of the Market in Olympia is, sure to draw hundreds of people eager to taste all kinds of delicious food.

Taste of the Market will take place Tuesday, August 15 at 5:30 pm. The host of the event, Friends of Olympia Farmers Market (FOFM), seeks to benefit several different areas each year through Taste of the Market. President of the FOFM Board J.T. Treacy Kreger lists the benefits from fundraising: “Capital Improvements for the Olympia Farmer’s Market, educational scholarships to support scholars interested in learning about all aspects of local organic, farming and food production, promote healthy, locally produced food and goods, and support the local sustainable agriculture community.”

FOFM has contributed to and started up several scholarships to provide education to students interested in organic and local farming. “This last year we supported three Market scholars in their learning efforts; from expanding their business education to getting their teaching certificate to educate our youth in the area of organic gardening and farming,” Kreger says. “Our successes means we have been able to help support the Olympia Farmer’s Market and the community.”

Ticket sales, business, and those directly involved in FOFM help reach these goals throughout each year. As for what the Taste of the Market entails, Kreger says, “Attending the event allows you to enjoy a smorgasbord of the finest cuisine from dozens of local restaurants, market vendors, wineries, breweries, and coffee roasters; enjoy live music, win prizes, and visit with friends.”

Thirty local food vendors or restaurants will be present, according to Kreger. Last year’s event was sold out, and this year, with more tickets available, he projects it to be sold out as well.

“This is one of the largest social events in Olympia,” he says. “We do not ask for money because we get great sponsor support and that pays for the cost of the event. So, almost 100% of the ticket price goes to support the Friends mission. Olympians love the Market, it’s the Jewel of Olympia.”

Taste of the Market

Olympia Farmers Market, 700 Capitol Way North, Olympia

Tuesday, August 15 at 5:30 pm