Alpha Romeo at Lemay-America’s Car Museum

Over 300 guests experienced the showcase of Italian design – from luxurious fashions and appealing consumer products to the rich lifestyle of “La Dolce Vita” at the opening of the new “Alfa Romeo: Born of Passion” exhibit at LeMay – America’s Car Museum on Saturday, June 26. From Grand Prix racers of the roaring thirties to today’s iconic flair and innovative technology, Alfa Romeo embodies Italian style — winning hearts, imaginations, and trophies. America’s Car Museum is proud to present one of the most significant North American displays of historic Alfa Romeos, highlighting the timeless allure of the Italian sports car marque, from Grand Prix racers of the thirties to today’s iconic flair.

Anchored by innovative technology and compelling design, Alfa Romeo has a century-old legacy of winning hearts, imaginations, and trophies. Brought to life by Fred Russell, guest curator and Alfa Romeo expert, this year-long exhibit features 21 vehicles with a new rotation slated for October. The experience of this one-of-a-kind exhibit is sure to leave you with an understanding of why Henry Ford famously exclaimed, “When I see an Alfa Romeo go by, I tip my hat.”