Consistent and delicious: Crockett’s

“Puyallup’s favorite gastro pub––you might come for the drinks, but you’ll stay for the food!”
That’s the big claim that Crockett’s Public House makes on its website. But with chili-braised chicken tacos, fire-roasted lamb chops, and lobster macaroni and cheese, the claim is easy to believe.

Initially a pub focused on serving exceptional drinks, Crockett’s quickly began creating exceptional food as well. Everything is prepared in-house and cooked to order from its original recipes. “Everything” includes the french fries, which are hand-cut, and the sauces and dips, which are made from scratch.

“Mile-wide menu choices offer pub favorites with a backbone of comfort eating: steaks, fish and chips, burgers, melts, sandwiches, pasta, and home-style eats like slow-cooked short ribs and house-made meatballs,” wrote restaurant reviewer Sue Kidd in The News Tribune. “It’s a great place to dine with kids and friends. Bring Grandma too.”
Crockett’s also serves some of the heartiest breakfast dishes, such as huevos rancheros, ham steak and eggs, breakfast tacos, and a variety of biscuit sandwiches.

Since the pub started with drinks, surely one can’t go wrong with the jalapeño cilantro margarita, combined with agave and uno mas tequila. Wathen’s berry lemonade is made with Wathen’s bourbon and homemade blackberry puree. The Ginger Fizz may be the most intriguing drink, with ginger gin and beer, egg whites, and peach liqueur.
“Crockett’s gets a lot of things right,” says a review on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “A plentiful and unique menu with a lot of great twists on classic pub fare, a great choice for beverages, a fresh atmosphere and a prompt waitstaff.”

Beyond its exceptional pub-style foods and drinks, Crockett’s Public House is consistent in atmosphere and customer service. No matter the day, no matter what you’re craving, Crockett’s Public House is always there to satisfy.

Crockett’s Public House
118 Stewart Ave, Puyallup