Grand Glass Gathering in May

Glass art is intricately interwoven into the fibers of Tacoma. From the nationally recognized Hilltop Artists youth program, to a multitude of individual artists working in garage-based hot shops, to museum exhibitions of glass art featuring internationally famous artists, Tacoma’s connection to glass only grows stronger every year.

The City of Destiny will be the host of the 2022 Glass Art Society (GAS) Conference this May in celebration of the organization’s 50th anniversary. Tacoma is a glass capital of the world on par with previous host cities such as Seto, Japan, Murano, Italy and Samland, Sweden.

Each year, the GAS Conference features approximately 100 presenters from various stages of career development and involvement in the glass community to showcase their expertise, talent, research, and more. From emerging artists to established professionals, the presenters make up a diverse and engaging group of artists, educators, curators, researchers, and administrators.

For the region’s youngest glass artists, Hilltop Artists, this is an amazing opportunity to learn from established artists from around the globe as well as share their skills and talents.

“Hilltop Artists’ students and staff are excited to have the GAS conference here in Tacoma,” stated Dr. Kimberly Keith, Executive Director, Hilltop Artists. “We are working on an exhibition called Gather: 27 Years of Hilltop Artists with the Tacoma Art Museum—our organization has a long history of developing local talent through our glassmaking programs and we want the world to know about what we do. Students can join our programs as young as twelve years old and many stay with us for eight or more years. They become studio assistants and established artists, and they contribute a tremendous amount of diversity to the field.

“Our partnerships with Pilchuck Glass School, Crafting the Future, and the Museum of Glass here in Tacoma expand the skills and experiences of our students by providing access to a wide variety of teaching artists and hot shops. Our students are the future of glassmaking and I’m glad our GAS peers will have an opportunity to see and appreciate what we can do.”

Tickets to attend the GAS conference start at $485, and you will be able to enjoy special exhibitions and events at the Museum of Glass and Tacoma Art Museum with regular admission more details available at Tacoma 2022 – Glass Art Society