Mixing it up with Ming Tsai

Simply Ming – Season 6


ShowCase Magazine caught up with James Beard Award-winning Ming Tsai for an interview. The chef/owner of the Massachusetts restaurants Blue Ginger and Blue Dragon is the host and executive producer of the Emmy Award-winning PBS series Simply Ming, now in its 11th season. Tsai has also written five cookbooks, including the interactive Simply Ming in Your Kitchen.

The celebrity chef showed his witty and engaging personality in our interview:

We know you grew up in a family restaurant, but who inspired you to become a chef?

I was inspired by being hungry! I would hang out in the kitchen and my family would throw me scraps. I like everything about food. I love the smell and texture and taste.

I love being a chef as we make people happy through food. You can change people. Food becomes a part of you. We see tired and hungry people come through the doors and leave satisfied.

What is your hidden cooking secret? Something we can share, of course!

The most important thing is to taste as you go. There is not a chef in the world that doesn’t taste as they go along, to add the perfect amount of salt.

One technique is, you can always make anything taste better with butter! Any type of recipe can have an added  a pat of butter. It will give it a richer flavor and it simply rounds out the flavor.

What was your favorite food as a child and why?

My favorite food was Chinese food, naturally. The best chefs in the world eat Chinese food. It is the most varied food in terms of the profile and the culture. A soufflé is great as well, but the “blown duck” is exceptional.

Why are you looking forward to presenting at the St. Martin’s Gala in November?

First, I was invited by Mario Batali’s father. He is one of my good friends. When his father asked, I gladly accepted as I have great respect for our elders. Beyond that I love Seattle. I’m looking forward to trying local restaurants.

We look forward to “ShowCasing” Chef Ming in the summer issue of ShowCase Magazine. For more information about the celebrity chef, visit ming.com. To learn more about the St. Martin’s gala and to purchase tickets, visit saint-martins-gala

by leah grout