Olympia Craftsman Redesign

If you’ve ever done a remodel, you know they can be challenging. The original home located in Olympia was a 1920’s Craftsman style that had several previous remodels and additions over the years. However, each remodel was not integrated aesthetically to the original Craftsman home. The homeowners consulted Lara Anderson with Red Door Interiors on a kitchen remodel and full redesign.

A new entry was designed to cohesively connect a poorly-done addition from the 80’s into a welcoming connection to a reimagined master suite that related to the original craftsmanship of the home. “We were working within the confines of the existing house which can make everything more complicated. There was also a need to adjust when unforeseen conditions arose, which they did numerous times,” explains Anderson.

“Lara was always so calm, creative, and flexible. She would ask questions, took input, and came up with new ideas. It decreased the stress of doing the remodel substantially because I knew I could count on her,” says the homeowner.

The homeowners wanted the home to reflect who they are and how they live. They had considered moving but they loved their neighborhood with everything in walking distance. They realized in order to create their dream house, massive changes and improvements were needed. They wanted new areas to relate to the existing areas and ultimately feel warm and welcoming.

New and innovative products and finishes were utilized that created incredible results with unexpected texture and color throughout the home. Angled ceilings in the upstairs bathroom presented challenges with varying ceiling height and very little room, so a vanity mirror was mounted to the ceiling and provided peek-a-boo views of the West Bay waterfront.

The end result for the entire home is a completely cohesive look combining contemporary and artistic style, resulting in a home that the owners are thrilled with.