Youth Engaged in the World Around Them

Back by popular demand, the Agents of Discovery Puget Sound Explorer Campaign introduced last summer will be bigger and better with more Mission locations when it begins again in July. The Puget Sound Explorer Campaign is a summer educational initiative program running through September 25. The program encourages kids to play by visiting participating parks, museums, zoos and cultural sites. During their visits to these fantastic locations, the kids complete fun Missions to earn exclusive digital and real-world rewards. The more Missions they complete, the more rewards they earn.

Agents of Discovery® is an educational gaming platform that uses the latest in Augmented Reality (AR) technology to get youth and their families active and engaged. Partnering organizations use the Agents of Discovery platform to create their own AR games or “Missions” based on their own educational programs and materials. Visitors to their various sites assume the role of a secret “agent” on a “mission” as they complete the site-specific challenges.

With a goal of getting youth outdoors, active, and exploring their surroundings more, the program also offers its partners the opportunity to foster community engagement, promote educational programming, and connect with other participating partners. More partners and venues are highly encouraged.

Implemented locally by Metro Parks Tacoma, the Agents of Discovery program has Mission locations that are also year round venues for the kids that want to keep playing.

Agents of Discovery Puget Sound Explorer Campaign