January Coffeehouse with Mayor Jason Whalen: Summer Events & Park Improvements

 Lakewood’s new mayor Jason Whalen has announced bimonthly “Community Coffeehouse” conversation sessions to invite conversation with residents. Each session will be themed and will begin with a presentation from the mayor or a guest speaker before opening the floor for residents with questions and remarks related to the theme.

The first session will discuss summer events and improvements to Lakewood parks. Residents are invited to share event feedback and ideas to further improve Lakewood’s brilliant parks.

The first session will occur on Thursday, Jan. 27 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Initial sessions will be virtual due to present pandemic conditions, but future events will be in person once feasible.

Coffeehouse meetings will be held every other month on the fourth Thursday of the month. The series will replace the former “Coffee with the Mayor” sessions on Tuesday mornings. The evening hour is thought to be more accessible for residents that work common weekday hours.

“I love to hear how it’s going for Lakewood residents, what issues matter most to you, and what your ideas are to solve them. These sessions will help keep you appraised on important topics, and help us keep in touch with your perspectives on these issues. All are welcome!”
– Jason Whalen, Mayor of Lakewood Parks

Nathalie Bajinya’s Future Is Bright

Nathalie Bajinya has been fascinated by textiles and fashion design from a very early age. She once cut up her mother’s dress to fashion into her own clothing designs at age four.

Originally from the Congo and orphaned at a young age, Bajinya learned to sew while living in an orphanage in Kenya. Excelling at the craft, fashion design quickly became a lifelong passion.

Today, under the label Undeniable Bajinya, Bajinya translates her sewing and design skills into exquisite one-of-a-kind garments and accessories in her Lakewood shop, Undeniable Bajinya.

Home to couture gowns, wedding dresses, and custom-tailored fashions, Undeniable Bajinya’s signature designs are vibrant cotton and wool dresses and jackets that combine French fashion with African colors and American styles.

A rare talent, Bajinya can look at a swath of fabric and intuitively know what design will best highlight the fabric’s motif or drape. “When I look at fabric I see something that is telling a story,” says Nathalie.

Often made with distinctively colorful and elaborately designed African wax print fabric – commonly referred to as the “wax hollandais,” “ankara,” or “kitenge” – Undeniable Bajinya’s unique designs encompass innovation, artistic creativity and the consumer’s choice to celebrate life through their clothing.

Recently featured on King 5 Evening, the segment thoughtfully shared Nathalie Bajinya’s journey, showcasing her love of fabric and her passion to design and sew beautiful garments.

In May, with only two weeks to prepare, Undeniable Bajinya featured twelve of her original designs during Africa Fashion Week Seattle in Redmond, Washington.

Without patterns, Bajinya designs, sketches, and crafts each of her beautifully unique fashions from customers’ measurements. She says there is nothing like a dress made exactly to your measurements.

“Back in my country, you don’t buy a dress from a store, you go to a tailor,” Bajinya said. “We don’t have that here in
America. Everyone should have access to custom garments that fit perfectly, not just famous people.”

For Additional Information
Undeniable Bajinya
6405A Steilacoom Blvd. SW, Lakewood