Watson’s keeps growing

From a 14-by-14-foot greenhouse to what is now multiple structures—with a business behind it—Watson’s Greenhouse and Nursery has used its several expanding opportunities to give customers more and more high-quality plants.

Marketing Director Addison Gregory, who’s been with the company since he was 16, says he loves the people in the business. “We have built so many long-lasting relationships with customers that have been loyal to us for 30-plus years, and those relationships are what have made the growth of our company possible,” he says. “I also really enjoy finding new customers and seeing new generations of gardeners have an experience at Watson’s that sticks with them and makes them want to come back.”

Founder Dan Watson began growing plants in a greenhouse in 1974. Ten years later he turned it into a business using 10,000 square feet to grow and sell plants. Over the years, the business has acquired thousands upon thousands more square feet, offering better-quality plants and more options for its customers.

“ I think more than anything, customers like and appreciate the experience of shopping at Watson’s,” says Gregory. “It is a beautiful place to visit, with a wide variety of products, including home decor, garden accessories, plants, gourmet food and patio furniture. We have a knowledgeable staff that is passionate about gardening, and I think all of those things combined make for a really unique shopping experience.”

Gregory adds that this summer Watson’s Greenhouse and Nursery is adding a new covering to the back patio. He says it will really transform the space and “allow us to do some unique outdoor merchandising, especially when the weather is not cooperating!”

This year has also been a successful one for Watson’s Design Services. “We offer landscape design and container design services and have two designers on staff that do an amazing job,” says Gregory.

Watson’s Greenhouse and Nursery has perfected the art of expanding without losing its value. There’s no doubt that quality and quantity have benefited this company over the years.  JORDAN MARIE MARTINEZ

Watson’s Greenhouse and Nursery
6211 Pioneer Way E, Puyallup